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Saturday, 05 November 2016 14:30

The Supremacy of the Arabs – Part Three

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(The qualities in which the Arabs enjoyed supremacy over other nations – continued)

6. Eloquence of Language and Expression:

No other language can parallel the Arabic language in eloquence and expression. In fact, no other language can justifiably claim to possess books specifically compiled on ‘Ilm-ul-Balaaghah (the science of eloquence and expression) and even if some may be found, they have been taken from the Arabic books. Allah Ta‘ala had entrusted them with these outstanding morals, exceptional abilities and excellent skills by instilling them within their very nature and disposition. However, due to their ignorance and foolishness, they were more inclined to focus these Allah-given talents in the wrong direction. However, when these same skills and talents were adorned with divine knowledge and heavenly direction, then the same people whose practices were once worse than that of wild beasts now became superior to even the celestial angels. When these same people, who were blatantly steeped in vicious hostilities and ferocious conflicts, chose to surrender their lives in the path of Allah Ta‘ala, the celestial angels arrived, dressed in white, yellow or black turbans, fighting side by side with them and assisting them against their mutual enemy.

Nonetheless, although the Arabs were immorally corrupt in behaviour and deed, they were relatively decent as far as their morals, disposition and talents were concerned.

It is possible and relatively easy to rectify one’s actions. However, amending one’s innate disposition is almost impossible. It is for this reason that Allah Ta‘ala selected such a family for His prophethood, so that the Prophet who hails from this family would also be a man of upright morals, untarnished nature and immaculate disposition. It is absolutely crucial for a Prophet to be a man of flawless character as this will enable him to rectify others.

(Extracted from Seeratul Mustafa 1/42)

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