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Saturday, 05 November 2016 13:35

The Supremacy of the Arabs - Part Two

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(The qualities in which the Arabs enjoyed supremacy over other nations – continued)

2. Valor and Heroism:

The extent of their valor was such that whilst the Romans or Persians reduced the rest of the world to subjugation or slavery, the Arabs, in spite of their modest material possessions, were not intimidated into imperial subjugation. Their spirit of determination was such that the most pitiable destitute among them would not be left overawed whilst conversing with the greatest of emperors.

3. Generosity and selflessness:

They were so big-hearted that they would not hesitate to slaughter a healthy camel in honor of a guest. They were prepared to remain hungry, but it was impossible for them to allow the guest to go hungry.

4. Memory and intellect:

The exceptional memory and outstanding intellectual talent of the Arabs was celebrated in every corner of the globe. They could commit to memory a hundred stanzas of a poem by merely listening to it once.

5. Personal Honor and Patriotism for their Clan:

They had such levels of honor and patriotism that they were prepared to sacrifice their lives and wealth in retaliation for the slightest insult against either themselves or their tribe. In fact, most of the feuds and wars that broke out amongst them were triggered by this sense of self-esteem and personal honor for their tribe.

(Extracted from Seeratul Mustafa 1/42)

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