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Saturday, 30 April 2016 06:52

The Dream of 'Abdul Muttalib

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When the rule of Makkah Mukarramah fell onto the shoulders of ‘Abdul Muttalib and the divine will of Allah Ta’ala decreed that the well which had been totally forgotten should now be rediscovered, He directed ‘Abdul Muttalib, by means of pious dreams, to dig up the area of the well. Distinct markings and clues indicating to the whereabouts of the well were also revealed to him in the dream.

‘Abdul Muttalib himself says:

I was once asleep in the Hateem area when a person came to me in a dream and instructed, “Dig up Barrah (that which is full of blessing).” As I enquired, “What is Barrah?” he departed. On the second day I was sleeping in the same spot when the same man again directed me in my dream, “Go and dig up Al-Madhnunah (that which is treasured).” When I asked him, “What is Al-Madhnunah?” he went away. On the third day, I was sleeping in the same spot when he again appeared in my dream and commanded, “Go and dig up Tayyibah (that which is pure).” As I enquired about Tayyibah, he once again left. On the fourth day, he ordered me, “Go and dig up Zam Zam.” Again I asked, “What is Zam Zam?” To this he replied, “It is a well, the water of which neither runs out nor decreases in volume, and it provides countless pilgrims with drinking water.” He then went on to point out a few distinctive clues precisely indicating where I should dig.”

The recurring nature of the dream coupled with a detailed location of the area convinced ‘Abdul Muttalib that this was a true dream.

(Extracted from Seeratul Mustafa 1/35)

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