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Saturday, 11 February 2017 09:05

The Collapse of Chosroes' Palace and the Drying of Lake Saawah - Part Two

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Nu’maan bin Munzir promptly despatched a well travelled scholar by the name of ‘Abdul Maseeh Ghassaani to Chosroes. When ‘Abdul Maseeh Ghassaani appeared in the court, Chosroes asked, “Do you have any knowledge of whatever I wish to ask of you?” ‘Abdul Maseeh replied, “You may ask me your question. If I have any knowledge, I will assist you. Otherwise, I will direct you to someone more knowledgeable than I am.” Chosroes then informed him of all the events that had recently occurred. ‘Abdul Maseeh advised him, “Perhaps my mother’s brother, Sateeh, who presently resides in Shaam, will have some knowledge on this matter.”

Hearing this, Chosroes commanded ‘Abdul Maseeh to personally go to his uncle so that he may find out and return with the answers of the questions he had. When ‘Abdul Maseeh reached his uncle, Sateeh, his uncle was already in the final stages of his life, about to leave this world. However, he was still conscious and in his senses. ‘Abdul Maseeh greeted him and recited a few couplets to him.

When Sateeh heard his nephew reciting these couplets, he turned towards him and said, “‘Abdul Maseeh has come riding to Sateeh on a fast camel when he is about to pass away. Have you been sent by the Sassanid emperor because of the tremor that struck his palace, because the fire of the fire-temple was extinguished, and because the priest saw a dream wherein powerful camels are dragging Arabian horses over the Tigris River, which then spread out across all cities? O ‘Abdul-Maseeh! Listen attentively to what I wish to tell you! When the word of Allah is recited in abundance, when the personality carrying an ‘Asaa (staff) appears, when the valley of Samaawah gushes forth, when the lake of Saawah dries up and the Persian fire is extinguished, then Syria will no longer remain Syria for Sateeh (i.e. the condition at that time will be completely changed). A few men and women from the Sassanid dynasty, equal to the number of pillars, will rule for a few years. The events that were ordained to happen, regard them as already coming to pass.” Saying this, Sateeh breathed his last.

(Extracted from Seeratul Mustafa 1/56)

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