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Saturday, 03 December 2016 09:09

Faatimah bint Murr

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Hazrat ibn ‘Abbaas (radhiyallahu ‘anhuma) says:

As ‘Abdul Muttalib set out with his son, ‘Abdullah, to perform the nikaah, they passed by a Jewish woman by the name of Faatimah bint Murr who was well-versed with the Towraat and Injeel. When her gaze fell on the light of Nubuwwat radiating from ‘Abdullah’s face, she beckoned him to come up to her and pleaded saying, “I will compensate you with a hundred camels (for being illicitly intimate with me).” Hazrat ‘Abdullah responded with the following couplet:

أما الحرام فالممات دونه        والحل لا حل فأستبينه

فكيف بالأمر الذي تبغينه        إن الكريم يحمي عرضه ودينه

Death is far easier than perpetrating a Haraam act, and as for a Halaal act, without it being Halaal for me, how can I consider doing it?

So how is it possible to perpetrate the immoral deed that you are longing for? A man of honour and nobility safeguards his honour and Deen.

When Hazrat ‘Abdullah was returning home after his nikah to Aaminah, he once again passed by the same woman. She enquired, “Where did you go after you left me?” ‘Abdullah replied, “In the intervening period, I got married to Aaminah, the daughter of Wahb bin ‘Abd Manaaf. After the nikaah, I stayed with her for three days.” The woman finally revealed: “By Allah! I am not a woman of loose morals. When my gaze fell on the light of prophethood emanating from your face, I desired that the noor be transferred from you to me. However, Allah Ta‘ala has now transferred that noor to whom He wished.”

(Extracted from Seeratul Mustafa 1/44)

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