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Tuesday, 17 July 2018 07:13

Imaam Shaafi‘ee (rahimahullah) in the Eyes of Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) – Part Two

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Hazrat Yahya bin Ma‘een (rahimahullah) was once seated with Imaam Ahmed bin Hambal (rahimahullah) when Imaam Shaafi‘ee (rahimahullah) passed by, riding his mule. On seeing Imaam Shaafi‘ee (rahimahullah), Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) immediately stood up and went behind him in order to greet him with salaam. Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) thereafter spoke to Imaam Shaafi‘ee (rahimahullah) for some time. After speaking to Imaam Shaafi‘ee (rahimahullah), Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) returned to Hazrat Yahya bin Ma‘een (rahimahullah) who had remained seated and did not wake up to go and greet Imaam Shaafi‘ee (rahimahullah).

Hazrat Yahya bin Ma‘een (rahimahullah) asked Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah), “O Abu ‘Abdillah! What is his position (that you rushed to greet him with salaam and showed him such importance)?” Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) responded, “Leave alone asking his position, if you wish to acquire the knowledge of fiqh, you should hold onto the tail of his mule (i.e. you should rush towards his mule when seeing him and humble yourself before him in order to benefit from him and acquire the knowledge of fiqh).”

(Siyar A’laam min Nubalaa 10/86-87)

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