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Sunday, 17 September 2017 04:47

The Du‘aa of Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah)

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‘Ali bin abi Haraarah (rahimahullah) narrates:

My mother had been crippled for twenty years. One day, she said to me, “Go to Imaam Ahmed bin Hambal (rahimahullah) and ask him to make du‘aa to Allah Ta‘ala for me (to be cured).”

I thus went to the home of Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) and knocked on the door. Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) was in the house, close to the door, and did not open the door. Rather, he called out, “Who is it?” I replied, “I am a person who lives in such-and-such area. My mother, who is crippled, asked me to request you to make du‘aa for her (to be cured).”

On placing this request before Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah), I heard him reply in a voice of anger, “We are more in need of you making du‘aa for us!” Hearing this, I turned to leave. As I departed, an old woman emerged from the home and asked, “Are you the person who spoke to Abu ‘Abdillah (Imaam Ahmed) (rahimahullah)?” When I replied in the affirmative, she said, “I have just left him in the state that he was making du‘aa to Allah Ta‘ala for your mother.”

I immediately returned home, and when I knocked on the door, my mother emerged, walking on her feet, until she opened the door for me. She then said to me, “Allah Ta‘ala has cured me.”

(Hilyatul Awliyaa’ 9/197)

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