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Thursday, 05 July 2018 06:49

The Outlook of Imaam Abu Hanifah (rahimahullah)

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Bakr bin Ja’far (rahimahullah) narrates the following:

Sometimes, a person would enter into the presence of Imaam Abu Hanifah (rahimahullah) and would begin to speak about other people saying, “Such-and-such transpired to so-and-so.” When the man would wish to speak further about other people, Imaam Abu Hanifah (rahimahullah) would prevent him from doing so saying, “Leave the topic which you are in (i.e. leave discussing other people’s lives). What do you say about this deeni mas’alah?” In this manner, Imaam Abu Hanifah (rahimahullah) would prevent him from speaking further about people (and would divert his attention to another topic).

Imaam Abu Hanifah (rahimahullah) would say, “Be wary of relating such stories of people which they will not be pleased and will not like you to relate. May Allah Ta‘ala forgive all those who mentioned negative things regarding us, and may Allah Ta‘ala shower His mercy on those who have a positive opinion regarding us. Acquire the true understanding of Deen, and leave out joining people and becoming involved in the wrong path which they have chosen for themselves. If you continue to be concerned about Deen and strive accordingly, Allah Ta‘ala will make people in need of your knowledge one day.”

(‘Uqood-ul-Jummaan pg. 227)

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