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Imaam Ahmed bin Hambal (rahimahullah) (32)

Wednesday, 10 March 2021 05:27

Praising Allah Ta‘ala for His Favor

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Saalih bin Ahmed (rahimahullah), the son of Imaam Ahmed bin Hambal (rahimahullah), mentions the following:

When my father needed to make wudhu, he would not allow anyone to draw out water for him from the well, rather he would draw it out himself. While pulling out the bucket from the well, when his sight would fall upon the water, he would immediately praise Allah Ta‘ala saying, “Alhamdulillah.”

I asked him, “O my beloved father! What is the reason for reciting Alhamdulillah at this time?” He replied, “O my beloved son! I am thanking Allah Ta‘ala for this invaluable bounty of water. Do you not hear Allah Ta‘ala say in the Qur’aan Majeed:

قُلۡ اَرَءَیۡتُمۡ اِنۡ اَصۡبَحَ مَآؤُکُمۡ غَوۡرًا فَمَنۡ یَّاۡتِیۡکُمۡ بِمَآءٍ مَّعِیۡنٍ ﴿٪۳۰﴾

Say, “Tell me, should your water vanish into the earth, who will bring you a flowing (stream of) water?” (Surah Mulk v. 30)

(Manaaqib Imaam Ahmed libnil Jowzi pg. 382)

Monday, 26 October 2020 06:44

Love for the Poor

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Abu Bakr Marroozi (rahimahullah) reports, “Imaam Ahmed bin Hambal (rahimahullah) had great love for the poor and destitute. I did not see a poor person receiving more honour in any gathering than in the gathering of Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah).”

Abu Bakr Marroozi (rahimahullah) similarly reports:

On one occasion, Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) took the name of a certain poor person who was ill and said to me, “Go to him and ask him, ‘Tell us what food you are feeling for so that we may prepare it for you.’” Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) also handed some ‘itr to me and said, “Apply some ‘itr for him as well.”

(Manaaqib Imaam Ahmed libnil Jowzi pg. 364)

Monday, 28 September 2020 09:43

The Caution of Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) in Issuing Fatwa

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Ahmed bin Muhammed Al-Marroozi (rahimahullah) mentions, “I posed many questions to Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah), the number of which I cannot remember, and he replied, ‘I do not know the answer.’”

Muhammed bin ‘Ubaid Al-Yamaami (rahimahullah) reports that he heard Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) mention, “In regard to certain masaa’il, I only arrived at a decision regarding the ruling after three years of contemplation.”

(Manaaqib Imaam Ahmed libnil Jowzi pg. 358-359)

Tuesday, 01 September 2020 18:35

The Abstinence of Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) – Part Four

Written by

Abu Bakr Al-Marroozi (rahimahullah) mentions the following:

On one occasion, a new khuff (leather sock) was made for Imaam Ahmed bin Hambal (rahimahullah). I thus brought the new khuff and delivered it to him, and it remained with him for the night. The following morning, Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) said to me, “I have been thinking about this khuff the entire night. It has distracted my heart (from my ‘ibaadah). Hence, I have decided that I will not wear it.”

Sunday, 05 July 2020 18:18

Emulating the Sunnah in Exchanging Gifts

Written by

Ishaaq bin Ebrahim (rahimahullah) narrates the following incident:

On one occasion, Juwain, the neighbor of Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah), sent a platter of walnuts, raisins and figs to Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) as a gift. The value of this gift was not more than three dirhams (silver coins).

On receiving the gift, Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) handed me one dinar (gold coin) and instructed, “Go and buy sugar for ten dirhams, and dates for seven dirhams. Take it to the house of Juwain in the evening and present it to him as a gift from my side.”

Accordingly, I fulfilled the instruction of Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) and delivered the gift in the evening.

(Manaaqib Imaam Ahmed libnil Jowzi pg. 327-328)

Yahya bin Hilaal Al-Warraaq mentions the following incidents which transpired at the time when he was in dire constraints and was unable to fulfill his needs:

I once came to Muhammed bin ‘Abdillah bin Numair and complained to him of my poverty. He thus took out four or five dirhams, gave them to me, and said, “This is half of all the wealth that I possess at present.” On another occasion, I went to Imaam Ahmed bin Hambal (rahimahullah) and complained of my poverty. Hearing of my plight, Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) took out four dirhams, gave them to me, and said, “This is all the wealth that I have.”

Khalaf (rahimahullah) mentions:

On one occasion, Imaam Ahmed bin Hambal (rahimahullah) came to me in order to hear the Hadith of Abu ‘Awaanah (rahimahullah). When he came, I tried my best to make him sit on an elevated place. However, he refused and said, “I will only sit in front of you (like a student). We have been instructed to display humility before those from whom we acquire the knowledge of deen.”

(Manaaqib Imaam Ahmed libnil Jowzi pg. 71)

Sunday, 30 June 2019 14:41

Respect of Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) for Hadith

Written by

Qutaibah bin Sa‘eed (rahimahullah) reports the following:

I once came to the city of Baghdad with the sole intention of meeting Imaam Ahmed bin Hambal (rahimahullah). It then so happened that Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) came to me with Yahya bin Ma‘een (rahimahullah).

On meeting, we sat together and engaged in different ‘ilmi discussions. After some time, Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) awoke from his place and came to sit in front of me with respect. He then requested, “Please dictate such-and-such Hadith to me.” After I dictated the Hadith to Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah), he awoke and returned to his place where he again sat as normal. We then resumed our discussions.

Sunday, 07 April 2019 15:38

Respect for Imaam Wakee’ (rahimahullah)

Written by

‘Amr Al-Naaqid narrates the following incident:

We were once seated in the presence of Imaam Wakee’ (rahimahullah) when Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) arrived and joined the gathering. He sat with extreme humility and respect.

I asked Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah), “O Abu ‘Abdillah! Imaam Wakee (rahimahullah), honors you, so why don’t you speak freely in his presence?” Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) replied, “Even though he honors me, it is only befitting that I show him respect by remaining silent in his presence (and only speaking when required to speak).”

(Manaaqib Imaam Ahmed libnil Jowzi pg. 70)

Imaam ‘Abdur Razzaaq (rahimahullah) once remembered the following incident regarding Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah), and began to tear as he narrated it. He said:

When Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) arrived, I learnt that all his money was depleted. I thus took ten dinars (gold coins) and presented them to him. When I presented the money to Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah), he smiled and said, “O Abu Bakr! If there was any person from whom I would have accepted something as assistance, it would have been you.” Saying this, Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) declined to accept the money from me.

Note: Perhaps Imaam Ahmed (rahimahullah) declined to accept the financial assistance of Imaam ‘Abdur Razzaaq (rahimahullah) as he felt that he would be able to earn wealth in a halaal manner and remain independent from the creation. The focus of these great servants of Allah Ta‘ala was always towards Allah Ta‘ala, and they never turned their gaze towards the creation, seeking handouts and gifts from them.

(Siyar A’laam min Nubalaa vol. 11 pg. 229)

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